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Fadocòttero sm [from Lat. phaedocoptĕrus]

Common name of a species of bird in the flamingo family,

up to 1.50 m tall, with very long legs, beak, wavy body with neck that bends in every direction; 

its peculiarity is the majolica plumage that changes according to the area in which it is located. 

Rather shy, he mostly lives in Portugal where he manages to blend in with the walls of the houses,

the facades of churches and miradouros covered with azulejos.

studio di Fadocottero

Canèstrello sm [from the Latin canistrillo]

Name used to indicate a particular mammal half French bulldog half bat. 

Tiny animal has red eyes, membranous wings and canine body.

It lives with normal bats inside dark caves or trees. It flies, feeds on insects and sleeps upside down, occasionally barking or chasing a ball.

1 copia.jpg
7 copia.jpg

Madagascar Gecoleafsm [from the Greek Uroplatus phantasticus]

You won't believe it but this animal really exists.

 The leaf gecko specializes in avoiding predators, not only through its incredible camouflage ability, but also through a variety of behaviors. It can flatten its body against the underlying surface to reduce its shadow, it can open its jaws to reveal a bright red mouth, and it can voluntarily drop its tail to confuse the predator._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Made for the short film "A package for mr Luis" (production Phantasmagoria Studio).


The flying donkey

A classic. Tired of feeling teased ("yes of course, a flying donkey") he has escaped from some fairy tale and is ready to be seen around. You will probably find him at some concerts, in the disco or at the stadium, however always in crowded places:  he is very exhibitionist.

ciuco2 copia.jpg
ciuco4 copia.jpg
ciuco1 copia.jpg

The dancer 

Mascot of the metal band Diesanera,this five-eyed ballerina is the protagonist

of the video clip of the band, winner of the Underground Music Festival in Los Angeles as best animated video. A collaboration with theKing's Magicians.


Costanza is a founding member ofPhantasmagoria Studio,

animation and short film production company.

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